Kitchen Inventory

Dinner Plates
Side Plates
Cereal / Pasta Bowls
Pint Glasses
White Wine Glasses
Red Wine Glasses
Small and Large General Glasses
Tea Pot and Cosy
Large Cafetiere
Plastic Salad Bowl
Plastic Dinner Plates

Plastic Tumblers
Carving Knife and Fork
Paring Knife
Bread Knife
General Purpose Knife
Knife Sharpener
Chopping Boards for Fish, Meat, Chicken and Vegetables

Fruit Bowl
Chopped Vegetables and Dips serving dish
Microwave Vegetable Steamer
Plastic Mixing Bowls
Liquid Measuring jug x2
Electric Hand Blender for making smoothies / grinding spices / wisking
Casserole Dish with lid
Glass Pyrex Dish with plastic lid
Roasting Tin with Grid
Cooling stand
Stone Dishes suitable for oven use ( e.g. Lasagna)
Large loose Bottom Baking Tray

Egg Cups
Poached Egg Moulds
Ice Cream Scoop
Corksrew and Bottle Opener
Tin Opener
Baking Spoon and Spatula
Pasta Spoon
Rolling Pin
Digital Scales
Potato Masher
Nutmeg grater
Pizza Knife
Kitchen Scissors

Various Spoons and Flippers
Three Tier Hob Vegetable Steamer
Large 4 litre Saucepan
Medium 2.5 ltr Saucepan
Small Milk Pan
Large Frying Pan
Medium Wok
Large Wok
Baking Tray